we combine interiors, design and technology into a harmonious whole.

Erich Keller AG manufactures high quality, technologically and ergonomically proven system workstations for stock exchange and foreign exchange trading as well as for command centres, control centres and broadcast studios. With great attention to detail, we plan and manufacture individual furniture, well thought-out kitchens and exclusive interior fit-outs for both commercial and residential spaces. Energy-saving and sustainable air-conditioning systems ensure a pleasant climate at the workplace for business environments as well as server room cooling.

Knowledge – Capability – Passion

Our vast knowledge, combined with decades of experience, form the base for successful project fulfilment. This is achieved reliably and from a single source – from the first to the last step.  Most modern technologies and a generous infrastructure are at our disposal in our Swiss manufacturing facility in Sulgen (TG), Switzerland.

We are not afraid to go the extra mile for you. Passion for both our profession and our daily engagement is the driving factor.

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Erich Keller AG launches Talky. 

Phone calls? Focused work? Brainstorming? Video calls? Outline ideas? Arrange books? Place plants? Hang up a jacket? Sure, anything with Talky. Phone booth, micro office or meeting pod inside, creative space outside. A multiple benefit for the office. Talky offers space for something new. It is multifunctional and flexible. Various add-ons make Talky an integral part of the workspace, enriching today`s agile working environment.

Talky also convinces with an efficient low-noise ventilation and with a first-class acoustic insulation value. Thanks to the wide range of colors and fabrics Talky can be customized to your wishes.

Our latest product family was created in collaboration with the renowned Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann. Talky satisfies the needs of modern working: maximum flexibility, innovative functionality, premium quality and sustainable design.

Developed and manufactured from sustainable materials here in Switzerland.

To learn more about Talky visit: https://www.talky.ch

multifunctional and flexibly playable

→ Talky. Phonebooth inside, Creative Space outside. Various accessories make Talky an integral part of the open plan office space.

steri-twist permanent virus reduction

→ STERI-TWIST is an air recirculation unit with a powerful UV-C lamp that destroys micro-organisms such as viruses, spores and bacteria. The device is tested and certified.

change of ownership at erich keller ag

→ Change of ownership. Erich Keller AG, one of the leading Swiss carpentry companies, passes into new hands.

h-com desk system

→ H-Com, from a simple office desk to a comfortable monitor workstation with several monitors and integrated cooling. H-Com can be converted and upgraded at any time without dismantling the screens.