danske bank opts for h-com trading desks

24.05.2022 09:36 Uhr (CET) | ANotter@erichkeller.com

Danske Bank will be moving into a new building in Copenhagen Central in 2023, designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects. The top modern H-Com model workstation won the tender to equip the new trading floor with traders` desks.

The H-Com Ultimate trading desk, with enclosed technical compartment for desk technology and flexible monitor arm system, provides the modularity needed to meet the pre-defined user group requirements.

Excellence and Swissness characterise our actions.

Decisive for the decision was a fair offer with the modular table design, excellent references from similar scale projects as well as the uncompromising demands on quality and design. These demands reflected in the sophisticated design, the premium quality of our innovative products, our customer-friendly service and support, and the responsible use of resources and the environment. In this way, Erich Keller AG`s computer workstations will give pleasure for many years to come.

The new Danske Bank Domicile is a benchmark in terms of design and sustainability and is LEED Gold certified. We are proud to furnish the trading floor in the modern and innovative Danske Bank and thus ensure that their employees can perform at their best in a new and contemporary environment.

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