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02.11.2021 08:28 Uhr (CET) |

What our customers say: Once again we would like to show our appreciation to Erich Keller. The retrofitting process of our existing Erich Keller desks to Sit-Stand desks showed to be a very easy process. I must admit, when you explained us, that the whole work would be done in phases over weekend, without interrupting our business, we had some doubts. I can only repeat what I said already – you gave the answer by being perfectly organised in every detail. Our traders are happy to work on excellent Sit-Stand desks and are enjoying the new working environment. Thank you!

Financial Institute – Singapore

You gained new fan’s! The “new/old” desks are simply great! Our traders are so happy about the fact that they finally got their Sit-Stand desks. Finally the complaint “traders of other companies have electric height adjustable desk – we do not” – is part of the past. Thank you for the top level service you provided.

Financial Institute – Hongkong

The idea of modifying the in desk cooling system was certainly one reason why we hesitated to complete the Sit-Stand upgrade of our Erich Keller desks earlier. Now that the project is completed, we are asking ourselves why we waited for so long to upgrade. Your Sit-Stand upgrade kit is perfectly designed. Not only there was no need to touch the Cool-Tops, but also the works have been completed in perfectly sized phases. Perfect project organisation, great logistic skills, state of the art designed product – what else can you expect from a Swiss based company. By the way, thank you for the Swiss Chocolate.

Commodity Trading – London, UK

Erich Keller’s tailor made Sit-Stand kits can easily be retrofitted to your existing desks to create a height adjustable solution to reduce the unhealthy effects of prolonged sitting. Due to the modular setup of our desks, you can expect a fast and non-invasive installation. Take advantage of the time limited offer and be surprised how easy the installation is. Why should you retrofit your desks to Sit-Stand? The facts are: – Upgrade your workstations to current ergonomic standards – Important precaution, fighting aches, injuries and the unhealthy effects of prolonged sitting – Positive effect on wellness, motivation and efficiency at workplace (See – The way U-Com desk’s are designed allows a retrofitting to Sit-Stand at any time – The Sit-Stand function does not interfere with integrated Cool-Top system’s – Additional features will be added to the appraised stability of the U-Com – Fast retrofit implementation – installation process will not impact business as usual – Many Sit-Stand retrofit projects completed worldwide – with the result of 100% happy customers and users. Are you interested in receiving a personalised – nonbinding offer? Do not wait, contact us today

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