jp morgan chase - new retail flagship branch in new york

02.11.2021 08:28 Uhr (CET) |

JP Morgan Chase has opened a new Retail Flagship Branch in New York City, right next to its headquarters at 390 Madison Avenue. Erich Keller AG was delighted to manufacture the interior fittings for the new branch.

JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the USA and operates worldwide. In the past, Erich Keller AG was already allowed to furnish trading floors in Europe and Asia for JP Morgan Chase with trader´s workstations, but has never before been allowed to produce furniture for retail areas.

Innovative concept

The new "Retail Flagship Branch" has open lounges, offices and flexibly designed premises that fulfil a vast number requirements thus enabling a wide range of events. The branch is also intended to be a place where the latest technologies and innovations can be presented, in some cases even before they are launched on the market. In the thoroughly digitalized branch, visitors can interact with the bank via a combination of physical and digital channels.

Creative interior design

Erich Keller AG manufactured various pieces of furniture such as Access-Bars (mobile reception), teller counters, various tables for offices and meeting zones. The so-called booths are semi-open meeting points. They are all round in shape and were partly supplemented with room dividers offering sound and privacy protection or were given a ribbed construction fulfilling the same purpose, providing a pavilion like atmosphere. Various high-end furniture components were realised with a sophisticated design in terms of form, functionality and material selection. TCR and teller modules, semi-private booths as well as the two access bars are examples of complex shapes and successful material combinations. Digital technology and bank-specific equipment had to be beautifully integrated into the furniture. The variety of materials and the combination of oak, marble, steel and natural materials resulted in an exquisite interior. Due to the partially very challenging timeline, everything had to be shipped by air freight. Erich Keller AG´s extensive experience in implementing international and logistically demanding projects could be optimally implemented with the very short delivery times. Strict adherence to the specified deadlines was an important criterion for the awarding of this project. In order to guarantee on-time delivery of the approx. 100m3 of material, the transport and customs clearance was organised directly by Erich Keller AG. The assembly took place under the direction of Erich Keller AG chief installers and by certified MSI - New York fitters. The Erich Keller team is very pleased with the very positive feedback received from both the client and the responsible project managers.

This this special project was realised in cooperation with  Allen International (London), Spector Group (NY), dem JP Morgan Chase Design Team (NY), JLL (NY), JT Magen (NY) und Certified MSI (NY).


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