nasdaq phlx trading floor using erich keller desks

02.11.2021 08:28 Uhr (CET) |

It was a pleasure for Erich Keller’s Team, working together with HOK Architects, to develop the custom design Trading Desk for NASDAQ. A new version of the Cool-Top integrated F-Com desk has been created to meet NASDAQ’s specific requirements.

Well being at workplace was a key art of the brief and one of the most important points of focus throughout this project.

Using noiseless Cool Top 25 units, to support the standard climate system, helps create a draught free working environment and a stabile temperature throughout the trading floor. Ergonomic components as well as the latest electric height adjustable system available on the market, provide a sit stand desk for every trader.

Sustainability was another key element on this project. Cool Top is not only improving workplace satisfaction through additional comfort for the users, but also allows achieving this additional comfort at low cost. As a matter of fact, NASDAQ will save a lot on the annual power bill, due to the low power consumption of the Cool-Top system – hence a reduction of the carbon footprint in their trading floor. The “Greenguard Gold” awarded F-Com desk (eligible towards LEED credits) fits perfectly in NASDAQ’s environmental philosophy, as does the PEFC certified wooden components or the installed acoustic panels, made of recycled PET.

A challenging but very interesting and satisfying project. Erich Keller wishes NASDAQ the very best success!
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