retina - the new swisscom shop concept

03.02.2022 15:41 Uhr (CET) |

It is impressive to see the professionalism with which a company like Swisscom approaches such a complex project. Of course, the timeline is always ambitious. But with our super team, we were able to meet all the requirements, no matter how unusual, on time. We would like to give you an insight into the agile procedure and the interdisciplinary cooperation from the perspective of the responsible project manager at Erich Keller AG.

After the analysis and conception of the design for the new shop concept, the first prototypes for furniture elements were systematically developed, built and tested according to Swisscom`s specifications. All interfaces were checked and adjustments made where necessary. From the knowledge gained from this phase, a new, improved prototype was developed and manufactured. This procedure only ended when everything fitted perfectly to the last detail and all specifications were met. Subsequently, various pilot shops were equipped with the new furniture. Various aspects such as customer flows, customer satisfaction, etc. were measured and feedback from the shop staff was evaluated In addition, safety aspects, functionality of the technology, modularity of the furniture elements and lighting in daily use were of great importance. The new findings were then used to build the next pilot shop. The aim was and is to provide the best possible customer experience, competent customer care and positive emotions in the shop. Other points such as the practicable use of decorations and product displays as well as sustainability were also given great attention.

The main challenges were the functioning modularity and individuality of the furniture elements, the procurement of the appropriate materials, the adjustments to changing products and the changing demands in a constantly changing market. Internally, a consensus had to be found between the various wishes and requirements of all interdisciplinary areas. With the jointly developed solution proposals and the individual designs, we were able to get all project participants and those responsible for production on board in each case.

Now, after a hard-fought tender and long negotiations, we are allowed to produce the elements with which all Swisscom shops in Switzerland will be equipped.

We would like to thank Swisscom for the successful cooperation and the trust they have placed in us.

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