rio-therm replaces old radiators

07.02.2023 15:50 Uhr (CET) |

Rio-Therm was integrated into a commercial building from the 1980s to replace old radiators for cooling and heating. The conversion was partly carried out during normal operation.

The noble Bank-Palazzo with its eventful history was built in 1984 as the headquarters of the then Ausserrhoden Cantonal Bank. It is located in the centre of Herisau, directly at the Obstmarkt, a meeting place with a weekly market. The building has a lead façade and was originally designed without air conditioning. As a result, it could get quite hot in the building in summer without air conditioning. Also, the old radiators with their slow reaction times and lack of heat output consumed too much energy.

Renovation during office hours 

In order to keep the inconvenience on the three floors as low as possible during the renovation, the tenants´ employees worked from home offices for days at a time. The fitters from Erich Keller AG used this time to dismantle the radiators and install Rio-Therm. Thanks to good planning, the conversion went smoothly. Special designs, such as the integration of Rio-Therm in steps that provide access to one terrace each, were also possible without any problems. After all, one of Rio-Therm´s great strengths is that the optimal integration of the peripheral units into an existing building architecture is always successful. The result of the conversion: comfort in winter and summer - the climate is right. And best of all: with Rio-Therm you save a massive amount of energy compared to conventional air-conditioning systems.

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