the dispatchers of stib and bruxelles-mobilité finally united

09.08.2023 08:39 Uhr (CET) |

Announced by the Brussels government in 2017, the integrated mobility center, in which all STIB control centers and the traffic management center of Bruxelles-Mobilité work together, is now fully operational.

The new center will house 300 STIB and 60 Bruxelles-Mobilité employees and occupies a total area of almost 2,500m².

"How are things moving this morning?" asked Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt. The dozens of screens in the room show some of Brussels` main roads, where traffic seems to be flowing smoothly at the start of the school year. "We are coming to the end of rush hour," says an employee of Bruxelles-Mobilité`s traffic management center, which manages monitoring of the road network and tunnels. The latter can also be closed remotely for safety reasons.

This move, after the 2016 attacks, has allowed Bruxelles-Mobilité to modernize its IT systems. A stationary vehicle or a collision between vehicles is immediately detected thanks to the automatic incident detection system. "This allows us to intervene much faster".

In the room reserved for metro dispatching, four lines are monitored in real time. Right next door, dispatchers ensure that the vehicles on STIB`s 17 tram lines run smoothly. On the bus side, the screens are somewhat less numerous. "The need for an overall view of the network is less pronounced because each operator manages a number of lines."

A crisis room for top management and the authorities has been set up on a mezzanine floor in the event of a major incident. A way to be present on site without interfering with the dispatchers` work. "It`s a big challenge in a control center to ensure that things remain calm at all times. In the event of an accident, the noise level naturally increases but this must not disturb colleagues. That`s why there are a lot of sound barriers," says Didier Dumont (project manager at STIB).

Only the D-Com dispatching desk from Erich Keller AG was able to meet the high requirements for stability and ergonomics. The modern design with the modular expandable acoustic panels convinced the demanding clientele. Over five years, a total of around 200 such desks are to be produced in Switzerland and installed by our local partner Omnis Office Concept SA.

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