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With the connector fan, Erich Keller AG has developed a ventilation technology which almost silently exchanges air between the corridor and the room. Connector fans enhance doors and walls into a ventilation element which does not require the tedious installation of ventilation ducts. The result is an extremely efficient and demand-oriented ventilation. This ventilation technology is the easiest solution to implement, not only for new buildings, but also for conversions or refurbishments.

Ventilation through the door
Connector fans enhance the function of the door to that of a ventilation element. Increased air movements are hardly noticeable. The occupied zone is optimally and sufficiently supplied with air. Door connector fans are particularly suitable for living rooms and smaller business premises.

Ventilation through the wall
If larger air volumes and even better sound values are required, connector fans are integrated directly into the wall. Depending on the wall thickness, it is possible to work completely flush, or with a projecting cover.

The benefits are obvious
Connector fans are quick and easy to implement. This type of ventilation technology is the easiest solution to implement, especially for conversion or refurbishment. Room-in-room applications, modular constructions or partition walls can also be easily equipped with our fans. Connector fans are at least as good a sound barrier as a closed door. Outside noise thus remains outside. The amount of air to be exchanged is adapted to the needs of the user and can be up to 200 m³/h.


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