central operations & services ‹the circle› at zurich airport

«The Circle at Zurich Airport» is a building complex with a usable area of 180000 square metres for services at Zurich Airport, which opened at the end of 2020. The ICT headquarters of «Operations & Services» is located in the building complex ‹The Circle› at Zurich Airport. This is where the security-relevant records of events and the inflow and outflow of people and vehicles at Zurich Airport are monitored and managed. The permanent monitoring of operations at Zurich Airport also allows for the timely optimisation of the deployment of specialists and equipment and offers visitors assistance in finding their way around the airport. Five L-Com control centre desks with Cool-Top cooling system are used in the control centre. Of course, the desks are height-adjustable and the screen rails can also be adjusted individually at the touch of a button.

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