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Nordea Copenhagen

In autumn 2017, around 2,500 employees have moved into the new head office of Nordea in Orestad, near to Copenhagen City. The 46,600 square meters area, designed by Henning Larsen is pursuing to achieve the maximum number of points in the international environment certification LEED Platinum.

The heart of the building is the 5,500 square meters trading floor, the largest in Scandinavia – located in a 28 m height atrium. A modern and functional workplace for the 650 employees. The F-Com trading desks, manufactured by Erich Keller, are electrically height-adjustable, allowing the employee to work in their preferred position.

The entire trading zone is cooled by the unique Cool-Top system of Erich Keller AG. This chilled-water based cooling system eliminates the heat load generated by the technical equipment directly at the source. The extremely efficient system provides a draught-free and consequently very comfortable working environment. Being highly efficient, the system does allow Nordea to reduce carbon footprint due to the low power and water consumption.

Architecture: Henning Larsen Architects, Kopenhagen
Pictures: Adam Mørk

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