new studio for radio rasa

Radio RaSA (Radio Schaffhauser Alternative) is a non-commercial radio station and has been on air since 1999. As an active city radio station, it also encourages listener participation and focuses on the Schaffhausen region. The new studio, including the editorial and meeting rooms, is around 200 m² in size and equipped with brand new technology. The large, height-adjustable studio table is based on the same stroke as the L-Com table model. The large table top is tailored to the individual requirements of RaSA and fulfils all its wishes. Various devices can be placed on it or installed on request. Special, adjustable screen and microphone holders are robustly mounted. The cabling was simply implemented from the underside of the table to the cable tray and the devices. A further, smaller broadcast workstation, based on the D-Com table model, can also be used to produce broadcasts.

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