retina - the new swisscom shop concept

With around 10 million visitors per year, the current 116 Swisscom Shops are extremely busy. The Retina project was launched to ensure that these locations can continue to offer modern, cross-channel and reliable customer experiences in the future. With an innovative and well thought-out shop concept, a new benchmark is being set in the telco market. With the modern look and feel combined with integrated and hidden technologies that set new standards, the redesigned shops with the different theme zones are a place of inspiration. After an initial intensive phase of development and the subsequent realisation of a handful of pilot shops, Erich Keller AG launched the production of the first furniture series. With consideration of the lessons learned from the daily operation of the pilot shops realised in advance, furniture has been created that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of appearance, functional suitability and quality sourcing.

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