the guests of the hotel 25hours should be perfectly satisfied

21.01.2019 08:25 Uhr (CET) |

25hours is a brand-new hotel concept, seeking answers to the requirements of an urban traveller. The new 25hours on Zurich´s Langstrasse is where banks and red lights, art and capital meet and what Erich Keller AG is particularly pleased about: design and technology.

Tailor-made and integrated into the architecture
When you arrive in your hotel room, the cosy sitting area by the large window invites you to linger. Unnoticed by the guest, this is exactly the point where design and technology merge, under the cover a highly-efficient water-to-air heat exchanger is at work under the window sill. Efficient because the room can be cooled comfortably with 20 °C water. Silent fans distribute slightly cooler air uniformly and gently throughout the room. Around 200 individually adapted devices are at work throughout the hotel.

Comfortable all year round
The same heat exchangers are used for heating in winter using the change-over principle. For this a flow temperature of only 26 °C is required. A sophisticated control system ensures the right temperature at any time of the year. In addition, the guest can alter the room climate at any time using a local temperature regulator.

IT cooling on the return
To cool the computers, server coolers Cool-Rack and Top-Cooler are connected downstream of the room air conditioner water systems. In contrast to conventional approaches, the waste heat from the IT infrastructure can be dissipated easily at the same time.

Variety by Design
The 25hours is different - completely different. Here one can actually settle one´s stay by some kind of barter. For this purpose, a picture of an object must be taken before the journey Online Form and submitted. The curatorial team will decide whether this item can be brought in for payment at check-in. If so, the good piece is integrated into the hotel design without further ado. This should be a real pleasure, especially for returning guests. However, what is guaranteed to remain constant throughout the year is the gentle, noiseless room air conditioning. That should also contribute to successful operation of the 25hours.

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