cooled and quiet office server cabinet

Cool-Rack is a freestanding, refrigerated IT rack system that neither emits heat nor generates annoying noise in the room. Cool-Rack is designed for deployment directly in the office and in equipment rooms. A water-powered refrigeration unit is integrated in the upper part of the rack. The innovative and energy-efficient cooling takes place in a closed circuit. The thermal loads of the IT components are thus directly eliminated at source and do not find their way into the room.

Efficient system integration

The cooling system is extremely efficient and reliable. As it includes almost no electronic components, work associated with commissioning and normal maintenance is eliminated. Ideally, cool racks are integrated into the building air conditioning system so that, for example, waste heat from the servers can easily be used as heat energy. Due to the independent regulation of the cooling capacity, Cool-Rack does not influence the air conditioning of the building.

Best accessibility

The silent-server-rack also impresses with easy access to the IT components from the front and from the rear. Flexible cable routing is already integrated. The cooled cabinet can be installed as individual unit or in combination with other cabinets. With Cool-Rack, servers can be installed directly on site without the need for costly additional wiring in the server room.

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