air conditioning units for highly efficient heating and cooling

Increasingly better insulated buildings shorten the heating period to a few months per year. On the other hand, internal loads ensure that these buildings need to be cooled more and more. The air conditioning technology of Erich Keller AG is based on highly efficient convector heaters which can be operated according to the change-over principle in summer and winter. Compared to a conventional air conditioning unit or a normal air conditioning system, Rio-Therm can cool almost all year round with free cooling due to the near-room flow temperatures of 20°C for cooling and 26°C for heating. Our designers, carpenters and technicians fit the devices into every building in tailor-made and shapely fashion.

Pleasant climate
The extremely quiet devices work gently, so that the air movements are hardly perceptible even in the occupied zone. In addition, the devices provide extremely quiet air conditioning. Depending on the application, fresh air supply can optionally be fed directly into the unit.

Rio-Therm B – ventilation unit
Rio-Therm B is the solution for excellent indoor climate comfort in the ventilation area. The convective devices are used for heating and cooling offices, schools, hotel rooms or tenant extensions. The air movements are hardly noticeable in the occupied zone; the devices work extremely quietly and can be used flexibly. Rio-Therm B is available in upright and horizontal versions, and we can fit it perfectly into any building.

Rio-Therm V Upright unit
Rio-Therm V is an upright free-standing, convective device for year-round heating or cooling of hotels, commercial premises, and administration or meeting rooms. Our designers and carpenters adapt the equipment perfectly to the architectural conditions, even when retrofitting. The air movements are hardly noticeable in the occupied zone and the operation is extremely quiet and smooth.

Rio-Therm U Underfloor unit
Rio-Therm U is our convective device for year-round heating or cooling in raised floors. It is particularly suitable for conference rooms and commercial buildings. The devices work extremely quietly and are highly efficient. The air movements are hardly noticeable in the occupied zone. The individual control allows maximum flexibility in the use of space.

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