STERI-TWIST is an air recirculation unit with a powerful UV-C lamp that destroys micro-organisms such as viruses, spores and bacteria. The free-standing unit that can be positioned individually: against a wall, at the end of a table, between two tables, as a room divider or any other common zone where people meet. The UV-C lamps are shielded and thus harmless. The device is operated with a 230 V power supply.



320 m³/h

Sound level:

31 dB

Reduction rate *:

99,9 % per pass (Corona viruses)


steel tubing matt powder-coated, in the variant:
- white with accent color black
- black with accent color aluminum gray


Ø 30 cm (foot Ø 40 cm) × 109 cm (W × H)


25 kg

Power consumption:

42 W

* STERI-TWIST is particularly effective against viruses (corona, influenza), mold spores (Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus brasiliensis) and bacteria (E.coli, Listeria). For corona-viruses, reduction rates of 99,9 % per pass are achieved (Based on Walker 2007). Tested by the Light Technology Institute of KIT Karlsruhe. Safe according to DIN EN 62471.

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