highly efficient server room cooling

Top-Cooler is the product for your server room. The innovative, water-powered device cools the waste heat from the servers in recirculation mode and without use of an air filter. In combination with our adiabatic cooler KW25, the units work so efficiently that data centres with a PUE value below 1.1 can be operated.

Typically, the air conditioning unit is placed above the cabinet to completely compensate for the waste heat from the IT components. The installation is carried out according to the cold / hot aisle containment principle removing the need for an expensive refrigerating machine. The maximum performance is achieved at high flow temperatures, which drastically reduces the cooling requirements.

Less space required
Hot air rises and cold air sinks. This natural air flow is used by Top-Cooler to compensate for IT waste heat. The positioning of the coolers above the racks does not reduce the usable space, and the servers can also be conveniently wired.

Cooling technical rooms
Top-Cooler can also be used to dissipate heat loads from technical rooms, for example from UPS units, rectifiers, PV systems or audio-video equipment.

Combine TOP-COOLER any way you like
Top-cooler is the width of a double rack. It can be installed in 5kW, 10kW or 20kW cooling capacity versions.

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