history and innovations

Erich Keller AG - 2021


Erich Keller AG has undergone a change of ownership. The management has taken over all shares in the company as part of management buyout.

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Erich Keller AG - 2020


Steri products for room air disinfection. The air recirculation units with powerful UVC emitters destroy micro-organisms such as viruses (e.g. corona), spores and bacteria.
Erich Keller AG - 2020


From a simple office desk to a comfortable monitor workstation with several monitors and integrated cooling.
Erich Keller AG - 2019


G-Com: The new workplace for the back office. Developed by a team of professional designers Modular aufgebaut und sehr anpassungsfähig. Modular design and very adaptable.
Erich Keller AG - 2017


In the course of the repositioning of Bank Cler following completion of the first pilot branch, 31 offices throughout Switzerland had to be upgraded in record time.
Erich Keller AG - 2016


All the Erich Keller AG desk systems are certified by “Greenguard Gold” according to strict regulations. This certification (formerly: Greenguard Children & Schools Certification) is only awarded to products low in harmful substances with very low chemical emissions.
Erich Keller AG - 2015


D-Com and F-Com: the modular and extremely adaptable D-Com desk system meets the highest standards. Designed for 24/7 use in control centres and rooms. The F-Com desk system also provides maximum flexibility. F-Com is equally suitable for use in offices, trading areas and control centres.
Erich Keller AG - 2014


Co-designing and delivering a pioneering air-conditioning solution for the Swisscom Business Park Ittigen. The park provides space for 2,000 employees and sets new ecological standards. In terms of energy efficiency, quality of life for employees and economy, the Business Park is one of the five best buildings in the whole of Europe. Developed in collaboration with Beat Kegel.
Erich Keller AG - 2012


Erich Keller hands over the position of CEO to his brother Paul, the acting Director of Finance and Administration to date.
Erich Keller AG - 2011


Winner of the Product Competition ‹Active Transfer Passage› launched by the city of Zurich and the Minergie Organisation. A comfort ventilator is integrated in doors to provide a pleasant climate in all rooms.
Erich Keller AG - 2009


The Green Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in Berlin selects Rio-Therm air conditioning for their new ecological head office building.
Erich Keller AG - 2007


The move into the new building will see the production area increase in size to over 9000 m2.
Erich Keller AG - 2006


The new U-Com: very flexible, ergonomically thought-out and adjustable for various ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
Erich Keller AG - 2005


Rio-Therm, the parapet device for best-of-breed interior atmosphere.
Erich Keller AG - 2004


A new era in interiors starts with the furnishing the UN in New York.
Erich Keller AG - 2004


Cool-Rack, cooled cabinets that do not emanate heat or annoying noise.
Erich Keller AG - 2004


Letter furniture was awarded the red dot design award 2004 «best of the best» for best-of-breed design quality and nominated for the design prize of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Erich Keller AG - 2002


L-Com, the height-adjustable control centre table.
Erich Keller AG - 2001


AluOffice is awarded the red dot «best selection office design» prize.
Erich Keller AG - 1999


U-Com, the space-saving communications workplace.
Erich Keller AG - 1997


Cool-Top, the world’s first workplace cooling system directly at the heat source.
Erich Keller AG - 1993


The world’s first closed communications workplace with a round screen display.
Erich Keller AG - 1992


X-Com, the first free-standing communications workplace.
Erich Keller AG - 1988


V-Com, the first modular communications work desk with an integrated air-conditioning system.
Erich Keller AG - 1985


First patent for an Erich Keller communications work desk.
Erich Keller AG - 1981


Business taken over by Erich Keller, new building in Sulgen.
Erich Keller AG - 1971


First worktop for trading rooms.
Erich Keller AG - 1951


Keller Cabinet Makers founded by Paul Keller senior in Schönenberg­.