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Cool-Top Product

Cool-Top 25:
The powerful, low-maintenance Cool-Top 25 produces a cooling capacity of up to 3,000 watts with high supply temperatures, very low air velocities (< 12 cm/s) and very low noise levels (< 32 dBA). Cool-Top 25 eliminates heat produced by monitors at the workplace with a closed air circulation. This not only guarantees air-conditioning with draughts but also an almost dust-free air quality. By using a very efficient high-performance cooler the Cool-Top 25 also serves as a room air-conditioner. Additional air-conditioning is not required in the majority of cases.

Cool-Top 15:
The table-top Cool-Top 15 cooling system with maximum cooling capacity of 1,500 watts is based on the same functional concept as the Cool-Top 25. Cool-Top 15 is therefore the ideal solution for dealer and control centre desks with a low to moderate amount of IT and telecommunications components. The heat loads in the utility room and in the area around the dealer desk are cooled down sufficiently. Cool-Top 15 is fully integrated into the desk and therefore invisible from the outside. Due to the cooling system’s small dimensions even very small desk dimensions can be produced. Thanks to the sophisticated design, there is no need to use costly filter units. This cooling system is therefore almost maintenance-free.

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