D-Com is the ideal height adjustable desk, specially designed for modern control room workplaces. The integration of all kind of technical equipment used in control room environments is smooth. The result is a tailored height adjustable desk meeting all needs and requirements of state-of-the-art control room workplaces. The stable construction combined with a modern and modular design does allow later extensions, if requirements do change over time. The worktop and the monitor mounting system (railing) are designed to offer the maximum comfort to the user of this height adjustable desk. The desk height adjustable system does allow personal user settings. The height adjustable desk system used on this ergonomic desk does include an anti-collusion technology – a safety feature that all control room workplaces should have. All Erich Keller height adjustable desk do meet and exceed the current ergonomic norms for control room workplaces, EN527:2011. For easy access to the generously sized cable tray, the height adjustable desk can be lift to its highest position and so allow a direct access for cabling and maintenance work.

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