cloud imperium games, frankfurt

Cloud Imperium Games (short: CIG) is an American computer game developer, whose games are appreciated worldwide. The German head office is centrally located in Frankfurt. On the 22nd and 23rd floor, on about 3000 m² of office space, game designers design and develop innovative video games: from multiplayer online space simulations with breath-taking graphics to cinematic single player adventures.

 A well-designed working environment impacts employee satisfaction, creativity, productivity, and health. We are honoured, that ergonomic F-Com desk model, with the in-desk cooling system Cool-Top combined with sound absorbing acoustic panels, were chosen for the workplace design. May these ergonomic and height-adjustable workstations contribute to CIG`s continued success and thus ensure worldwide gaming fun.

 Real estate service provider: Colliers International Deutschland GmbH

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André Notter

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