sulgen senior centre

After a major renovation of the Sulgen Region Senior Centre, the entrance hall with reception and dining room now has a new, inviting look. It has become a place with a pure feel-good ambience. All functional requirements are stylishly integrated into the wall panelling. Wardrobe, post boxes, information boards and bench seat as a short waiting zone. The reception counter is designed with a special architectural mesh of brass-coloured aluminium combined with a ceramic cover in marble look.  The wall panels, showcases and room dividers are made in oak veneer. A highlight are the printed floral patterns on the oak wall panelling. They can also be found in the colourful, large-format wallpaper.  With these floral themes the room gains additional lightness and cheerfulness. An effect fire integrated into a room divider serves as a fireplace substitute. At the touch of a button, it conjures up an amazing flame effect. This is the place where people like to meet.

Design and construction management: architectural office Susanne Fritz, Zurich

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